health tips for night workers

The Night Life Of Millennials

The streets of the metropolitan cities still live on even after the sunset.  Bustling with traffic, noise and night employees motioning to work hours. Dating back to years ago the imagery of today's world have drastically changed. The demanding lifestyle, the modified human needs and unending satisfaction levels have transformed the workforce of India. In this article, the light is shed on the night shifters.

The booming working population in India is often associated with the BPO. India possesses youth of English speakers aspired to start to their career at an early stage. Appealing remunerations and perks attract them to enter into night jobs. The calls they take could be domestic or international. Conversations with countries beyond boundaries may be in 'UK-US' Shift or in 'graveyard shift'.The beginning might be hard but they get into the system after a certain time.

Let's look upon some health impacts due to these shifts:

  • Sleep and related disorders are quite prevalent in this crowd. Lack of sleep results in inattention, decreased physical strength and poorer state of mind. Various research studies have shown the sleep apnea symptoms worsens if the individual suffering from the same is involved in night shift.
  • High level of stress and anxiety have been associated with this job. Comparatively lower social time and time for oneself could be the reasons for depression. The changing lifestyle demands and financial conditions contribute to the pressurizing stress levels.
  • To get away from these problems, sometimes the youngsters opt for habits like smoking and drinking. In some cases, what started as a habit may progress into an addiction. The luxurious lifestyle may unknowingly give them a pathway into drugs and body desires.
  • It may be difficult to spare time for their loved ones. This could create personal problems and hinder family relations.
  • The night shift employees may be prone to health conditions like cardiovascular problems, ulcers, gastrointestinal problems and obesity.

 There is still a possibility to have good health and lifestyle for millennials who are looking forward to night jobs or are in one. All it takes it is creating a plan for work-life balance.

Health Tips For Night Workers

Let's start off with sleep, as we know it is necessary for the rejuvenation of mind & body. It is necessary for the cells to undergo repairs and renewal, this happens during the sleep cycle. Some of the tips for sleeping well include:

  • Creating a comfortable environment for sleeping. A dim cool room devoid of distractions like mobile phone or TV.
  • Avoid screen time at least one hour or 30 minutes before sleep. It would prepare the body to move into the sleep easily.
  • Caffeine or any stimulants which keep you awake should be avoided. Try to avoid caffeine and related drinks at least 6 hours before sleep.
  • Set aside time about 7-8 hours for good sleep and make sure no one disturbs you at this time. You can switch off your phone or put in silent mode.

The next one everyone should be concerned about is food. Our body requires nourishment from time to time. Sometimes it's difficult to get three meals done in a day. Therefore, you can plan when to eat and what to eat. The ill-effects of not eating healthy will not be know much at a young age but come into being later in life.

  • Incorporate eating fruits and vegetables during break times. Try to eat seasonal fruits to adapt well to the climatic conditions.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking sufficient amount of water. For good blood circulation, it is crucial to provide the body with fluids. Lemon juice and buttermilk are refreshing drinks for summer.
  • The body requires proteins to produce necessary body chemicals and repair tissues. By consuming enough of poultry and pulses and eggs and dairy products, makes sure that there is a good amount of fat, proteins and carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Green leafy vegetables should be consumed more so that there are good levels of iron, calcium, fibre and vitamins.
  • Instead of eating out it is better to stick to home foods. It can make sure that your body gets nutritious food which is hygienic also.

Health is the greatest asset one can possess, without which it will not possible to work productively. Pamper your body with regular health check-ups so that you can monitor your health levels. Medical treatments in India have become so advanced that diseases are mitigated at an early stage. There are corporate health packages and consultations present in the market which can be availed from good hospitals through browsing or by speaking to a health consultant.

For maintaining good health it is necessary to exercise. Take up the basic steps like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cycling to work or going for a walk during a break. Learning yoga and meditation techniques could help in relaxing the mind. Upon waking up doing exercises like push-ups, hand and neck movements keep the body active.

It is about creating priorities and spaces in your life. Make time for your family and friends to imbibe the nostalgia of those good old days. Make the most of the time you have.