Hair transplant

Hair is indisputably one of the key factors, which plays a pivotal role behind the personality, and appearance of an individual. It boosts confidence as a result, it is very essential to manage or take care of your hair regularly.

If an individual does not take care of his/her hair, it might lead to hair loss or baldness. Hair transplant is one of the top and ideal treatments to prevent hair loss and baldness.

India is one of the top places in the world where the local residents as well foreigners across the globe can avail the hair transplant treatment or surgery. Most of the people around the world often visit India for various types of medications out of which hair transplant treatments are the major treatment.

Why foreigners choose India as a platform for hair transplant or hair restoration?

The rate of medical care has escalated in the past few years across overseas. One of the major reasons why foreigners choose India for hair loss treatment is due to the fact that they can avail top-notch treatments at nominal rates. The cost of medicines and hair restoration services in India are very low when compared to other countries in the world.

Very recently, some of the renowned and accomplished clinics in India have introduced tour packages, which involve both treatment and touring costs. The country offers a package, which includes the postoperative care, treatment cost, ticket fare, food and accommodation along with sightseeing cost. The cost of a single hair follicle transplant in India ranges from 1.5 dollars to two dollars, which is much lower when compared to other countries around the world.

India is well equipped with some of the highly qualified medical professionals who have graduated in medical studies from renowned foreign Universities. As a result, they are able to manage and handle both the Indians as well as the non-natives. The ability to speak fluent and impeccable English enable them to offer top quality and effective treatments to the foreign patients.

Which are the cities in India that offer Hair restoration services?

Metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi provide effective hair transplant services and treatments. However, Ludhiana is one of the best cities in India, which offer hair transplant treatments at a lower cost since it is not a metropolitan city. The city of Ludhiana is equipped with a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors along with well-maintained clinics.

Besides Ludhiana, Gurgaon, which is a tier-2 city, is currently emerging as one of the top destinations in India for hair transplant treatments. They offer top-notch treatments at affordable rates. All the treatment procedures and equipments utilized by the doctors are scientifically tested and proven.

Vishakhapatnam is another city, which is well equipped with highly skilled surgeons, ultra-modern technology and infrastructure facilities at nominal rates. Taking care of your hair is very essential in your daily routine since it plays a crucial role in maintaining your appearance and personality