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HealthOpinion understands the difficulties in identifying the right or appropriate location for medical treatment and has arrangement with Best Hospitals in India. At HealthOpinion, we are committed to customer satisfaction and understanding the needs of the customers and provide second opinion services.


•Professional medical opinion from best hospitals in India.

•Comprehensive health assistance for our patients both domestic and international.

•15+ years exposure in the field of handling patients related to medical tourism.

•Round the clock service and assistance to the patients and their attenders.

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Prostate Cancer

The prostate cancer is one of the major type of cancer among men and there are so many prostate cancer treatments in India which are available for this condition. Health opinion provides the best options for the consultations and also the surgery opti...

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Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer treatments in India is another major area, most of the people getting their treatment.Cervical cancer surgery is very much affordable by all the medical travellers.


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Blood Cancer

Blood cancer treatments also called leukaemia treatments is available at top cancer hospitals in India.  This treatment for blood cancers is an expensive procedure across the world, but the hospitals for leukaemia treatment in India is comparative ve...

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Gastrointestinal Cancer

Gastrointestinal cancer also called by common people stomach cancer or gastric cancer is the one of the major cancer disease of most of the cancer patients.  Most of the cancer centres are equipped to handle gastro cancer treatments in India.  Since the availability...

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IVF Treatment

Infertility treatments in India is well known for medical tourism.  Best infertility hospitals are available in India across major cities. IVF clinics in India are produced extremely good results for Male Infertility Treatment and Female Infertilit...

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Arthroscopy Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopy shoulder treatment in India is a very common orthopaedic procedures performed by most of the leading hospitals.  Arthroscopy surgery is a surgical procedure which is used to inspect, diagnose and repair the problems inside the joints. The arthroscopy an...

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Total Hip Replacement surgery

Total hip replacement surgery is otherwise called as Orthoplasty, is a Greek word called shape. It is a surgical procedure to replace the damaged hip with an artificial joint. This surgery can also be done to the hip fracture, secure pain due to arthr...

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Arthroscopy Knee Surgery

Arthroscopic Knee surgeries in India is also very common procedure performed by most of the leading hospitals.  India has the best surgeon for knee surgeries and the outcome of knee surgeons is always excellent.


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Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total Knee replacement treatments is one of the common orthopaedic procedures performed by most of the hospitals. Cost of total knee replacement surgery in India is very much affordable.

Knee replacement is otherwi...

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Heart Transplant

India is now making history in Heart Transplant Treatments; Heart Surgeries in India is very much affordable.   Because of awareness to organ donation in India, treatments for heart failure and heart transplants are increasing across the country.  A heart transplan...

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Bone Marrow Transplants (BMT)

Bone marrow transplant is the procedure to replace the destroyed or damaged bone marrow with the healthy bone marrow stem cells. The bone marrow transplant is otherwise called as hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Bone marrow is...

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Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant treatments in India has become very common treatment procedure available in most of the corporate hospitals.  India has the best kidney transplant surgery hospitals across all the metros.  The cost of the kidney tr...

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Liver Transplant

Like other transplant programs, Liver transplant treatments in India are also providing very good results.  The estimate for the liver transplant treatment in India is competitive to other countries.  There are many institutions has best liver specialist

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