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Factors that Affect a Woman’s Fertility

Women health is quite a delicate issue and if proper care is not taken on time then it might face speedy deterioration. Reproductive fertility has now become one of the hottest topics of women health and you should take this issue seriously. There are many factors affecting pregnancy outcome in women and they should be detected as soon as possible otherwise you will not be able to conceive.

Are you facing any trouble in conceiving? Well, in this case you are might be facing fertility troubles. You should surely consult a gynaecologist so that you can get the best treatments that can improve fertility in women. Treatments often vary on the basis of infertility causes and this is why the causes need to be detected first. Fertility treatments in India is well-known for its effective results.

Factors Affecting Women’s Fertility

  • Obesity: Hormone production of women can be badly affected by carrying additional pounds. These extra pounds often lead to obesity. Obesity occurs due to unwanted fat-deposition around different organs including reproductive organs. This often leads to different critical reproductive troubles out of which pregnancy trouble is the leading one. Women infertility cases due to PCOS is one of the leading hormonal disorders.
  • Poor weight: If over-weight is a leading cause creating pregnancy difficulty then poor weight is another potential reason. Malnutrition often occurs in women due to non-maintenance of healthy diet and this affect pregnancy badly.
  • Age: If you are planning to become mother at an older age then it would be a great problem to conceive as fertility or ovulation capability gets decreased with age. After 40, women fertility starts deteriorating and this thing should be kept in mind while making family planning. But IVF treatments in India have improved and they can deal with fertility issues efficiently.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: Pregnancy difficulties can be initiated by means of unhealthy lifestyle especially smoking, drinking alcohol, drug intake and others. If these unhealthy habits are not stopped on time, then you will never be able to get a healthy life for conceiving.
  • Excessive exercises: If you involve yourself in excessive workout functions or activities then you might suffer from infertility soon. Exercising is good for health bit vigorous exercising can create adverse impacts. Pregnancy complications might occur due to excessive exercising.
  • Birth-control injections: If you are not planning to conceive presently then you can choose safety precautions but taking birth-control injections constantly is a wrong option. These injections can affect your fertility-level adversely as a result of which you find it difficult to conceive when you wish to have a baby.
  • Health conditions: There are certain health conditions that stop you from becoming pregnant. Some of the dangerous health conditions affecting pregnancy are high blood-sugar, high thyroid, autoimmune disorders and others.

There are some social and cultural factors affecting fertility badly and thus you should consider them for sure. Excessive stress, depression and other mental disorders can also affect your capacity of becoming pregnant.