world no tobacco day

World No Tobacco Day

World Health Organization organises “No Tobacco Day” every year on 31st May, in order to highlight the risks associated with tobacco and to reduce tobacco consumption.


Did you know?

Across the world, one in every ten cigarettes consumed is an illegal make of tobacco trade. Illegal tobacco trade has become a huge business everywhere the world and causes unhealthy effects for the human health, mostly among the teenagers who attend schools and college.

Types of Illicit trade

Illegal trade covers a wide range of activities. They are categorized as follows;


This is going against the law of importing tobacco products from one place to another without paying tax to the government.  If a cigarette is produced lawfully in one country, it can be exported after paying tax to legally approved countries. If the same cigarette is marketed to other countries without paying the taxes or sold in countries where the brand is prohibited, it falls under the category of smuggling.


This refers to illegal manufacturing of a lawful and well known product without the knowledge of the owner’s consent and also tax is rarely paid on such products.


Bootlegging is one of the illegal trade where tobacco products are legally bought in one country and then transported to another with high tax.

Illegal Manufacturing:-

Public Health Impact

  • Access to Cheap Tobacco
  • Adversely affects tobacco control measures

 Economic Impact

  • Increase health care costs
  • Loss of revenue
  • Increase in Crime

How to recognize illicit trade to Tobacco Products?

  • Health warning will not be printed in the packets
  • Absence of full details and also mistakes in the packed products such as spelling, printing, quality, etc.
  • Tobacco products will be packed without the tax stamps
  • The brand will not be registered under the government, the product will be sold in duplicate brand name
  • Change in the taste
  • Ready available at a cheap price

How to stop illicit Tobacco?

  • Government can do their bit by warning the public against buying of tobacco and creating awareness through campaigns or advertisements.
  • People should avoid consuming tobacco which doesn’t adhere to standard quality standards and are not branded.
  • All the countries should carry an official registered landmark protocol in their tobacco products.