medical tourism in india

Travelling is one of the activities that can heal and refresh. The change of scene, people, place, culture and stay changes the perspective of how we look at life. The magic pertains to any kind of travel; long or short, solo or group. Watching the same sunrise or set in a different place, a random smile, small acts of kindness from locals, the happiness of bargains all these add to the magic of travel. India has been a popular tourist destination for years. Travellers and philosophers across the globe have had an intrigue in exploring the myriad of colours and forms of India.

Travel is more impactful when it comes to health and wellness. India is also one of the medical tourism destinations. The word ‘medical’ may put a negative spin to tourism. But medical tourism combines health and travel goodness together. Medical treatment in India offers twin advantages of clubbing travel and affordable yet reliable health care options. While in India for boosting health, individuals gain cultural exposure and psychological wellness. The multiple reasons why India is one of the medical tourism hotspots is because:

  • With a history of thousands of years and a multitude of historic moments, India has been able to capture history and culture pertaining to the era in question very well. From an anthropological perspective, India is of intrigue to many.
  • If history is one aspect, culture is another. India is diverse and full of varying cultures. Varying languages and customs yet united at the roots, travelling in India is definitely a to-be in your bucket list.
  • India is one among the few countries where you can see the merging of different countries. To be precise, seeing Mughal style architecture in a contemporary city next to establishments founded by British.
  • Nature’s gifts are found abound in this tropical country. Retreat to a natural paradise. Explore the varying geographical terrains and colours of India.
  • India is the world capital of Ayurveda. This natural healing science is sought far and wide for its treatment potential. Besides most cures used to treat the root cause of the diseases do not leave behind life-affecting side effects.
  • At the end of the day, as people earning and looking to make savings, we all dream of the location that can be easy on our pockets. One such destination is India. Especially so, for medical tourism. Treatment options are plenty and easy on the bank savings. Many medical tourism organisations and agencies make the trip easy, effective and affordable.

The plus points listed above are not exhaustive. Travels are exclusive to every individual. We have to experience travel and culture first hand to revel in its happiness. At the same time what seems roses and wine to one, may seem thorns and stones to other. It is best when we do not rely much on others’ experience. It is alright to seek reviews and guidance but it may not be fair to make judgements and be biased based on others’ eyes and lips. Welcome along to experience the ancient land by yourself. Dust those bags off and pack them up. Put on your traveller’s hat. But most importantly, keep an open mind and heart. Ensure you are ready for smiles and happiness. Be ready to enjoy your tip. Happy travelling!