medical tourism in india

Why Chennai is the Hub of Medical Tourism?

Tourism which could be interlinked with medical journey is Medical Tourism. It is very common to see people from different races visiting hospitals far away from the native land.  Indian healing arts have been influencing medical travellers and spiritual students from the time yoga, Buddhism and meditation centres have been becoming popular. The important aspects which a patient look into before confirming a medical treatment are time, money, quality treatment and service. It is apt if everything is available in one place, and yes, it is all present in this big metropolitan city- Chennai- the medical tourism destination of India.

People from places like Nigeria, Bangladesh, Kenya, Afghanistan flock towards this place in search of affordable and quality medical treatments. Chennai is the house of various multi and super speciality hospitals. These hospitals have the most dedicated team of doctors, nurses and other staffs. With the latest technology and expertise, doctors are able to turn the impossible into possible. Today’s automation has helped the hospital administration to save time and focus on critical areas. The paperwork involved with daily tasks have been reduced. Smart scheduling has enabled the doctor to be occupied with patient in consultation time and excess waiting time is also eliminated. Robot assisted surgeries are gaining recognition in private hospitals. The robot replicates the surgeon’s hand movements and minimizes hand tremors. This kind of surgery could be adopted in complex procedures.

Artificial intelligence is being prominently used in the area of cardiology, neurology and oncology. It helps in early diagnosis of cancer and heart disease. It aids doctors in taking better clinical decisions and may replace human judgements. In the time of calamity and emergency, large number of patients or victims need to be sheltered in the hospitals. This is achieved when the healthcare infrastructure development is well planned and executed. That is, the facilities such as rooms, medicines, beds, lights are all essential. Be it in a private or government hospital, there is always ample facilities to take care of the out-patients and in-patients.

Medical treatment in India could be different from state to state. But Chennai is known for more than one treatment. Some of the well-known treatments are eye surgeries, cardiology, knee & joint surgeries. People prefer treatment in this city as it assures quality, affordability and convenience. Many companies that are focusing on this medical tourism provide packages for treatment for patient’s illness. Apart from these there would packages giving emphasis on rejuvenation of health such as yoga therapy, Ayurveda, aromatherapy and acupuncture. This would ensure relaxation of the mind, body and soul. People who are on a sabbatical can think about medical tourism as a way to relax themselves. Healthcare consultants are those who take their time to study the new market trends They give the best healthcare plans when it comes to treatment. They make it a point to take care almost everything from the moment you reach a place for the medical purpose till you leave home.