Drinking Water Importance

Water is indeed the elixir of life. For without water, no life form can survive. All of us, including our Planet Earth, are made up of 70% water. Yet the most underestimated and most often ignored is the habit of drinking water. We often overlook the things closest and easily available to us. Drinking water is one of them. But there are places where even a single drop can make a huge difference. Let us at least take time to see how the magical abilities of water help us lead healthy lives.

The most important reason why we need water is so that we do not dry up. Yes, dehydration is a very common phenomenon that occurs to all. If left unaddressed it can lead to grave consequences. But even at the start of dehydration, we face symptoms which can be avoided by drinking water consistently. These include headaches, mood swings and even bad breath. This also why we need a lot of fluid to compensate the water loss through sweat, after a workout. Another significant reason is that water helps in the process of digestion. It makes it easier for our body to break down the food particles, facilitating better digestion.

Our brain, majorly, is made up of water as well. Hence, drinking water boosts our cognitive skills and improves performance. The necessity to drink water also arises from one of the most important functionalities. We accumulate toxins in our body. Water flushes out these toxins from our body. This is why drinking water before going to bed and, or, immediately after we wake up is recommended.

“Drink water for weight loss” is an advice that many people give. We have heard of it enough. But it is the truth. We have seen that water helps keep up our metabolism. It does so by removal of fat by-products from our body. It also helps us keep us full, preventing bingeing or overeating. Benefits of water for the skin have also been emphasized enough. Clear, smooth, glowing skin is the dream that all of us have. Did you know that water is one of the ways to achieve it? Yes, hydration is important for putting a stop to dry skin. For some though, the case is different. Drinking even little water can be harmful. This may be due to certain health conditions which can be indicated by preventive health check-ups . Most commonly individuals advancing in their years may face such conditions. Other than this, there is no downside, only pluses. I take a small sip as I write, as well, reminded by all the benefits of drinking water. Start now if you haven’t yet.