Ayurvedic Treatment

Various Therapies in Ayurvedic Treatment

If you want to experience a calm environment, relax and soothe your mind and body and also to heal your medical problems naturally, Ayurvedic massages are the good option. Several kinds of massages are available to suit the individual’s body. These massages work on the old and long-established system of harmonizing and strengthening the inner energy present in the body to reinstate wellness and battle the stress. The healing process in Ayurveda works with alternative medicine to yield constructive results. The treatment given is a mixture of force, vibration and different movements by using herbal oils to make people relieved and relaxed from their ailments. On completing the treatment, the blood supply to the body is improved and reduces the anxiety and pain due to damage happened.

What are the different forms of Therapies offered in Ayurvedic Treatment?


This therapy works well for persons who suffer from paralysis attack, paraplegia, monoplegia and hemiplegia, sexual weakness, arthritis, breakage due to injuries and also firmness of the body. Lukewarm oil is poured on the body from a special type of container called as ‘Kindi’ which is kept from certain distance. The oil is rubdown in a regular motion for about 60-90 minutes on daily basis for about 7-21 days.

Njavara Kizhi or Pinda swedam:

This therapy is used for person who has rheumatism, pain in the joints, raised blood pressure, cholesterol, paralysis and certain skin diseases. The medicated oil is flow down on the entire or particular region on the body. A unique paste made with the root of Sida Retusa and Njavara (medicinal rice) by adding up some milk and this if filled with small cloth and massaged on the targeted area or whole body for about 1 hr to 1hr 30minutes daily for 7-21 days.


In Ayurveda the head is considered as the root of the body. Sirodhara means continuous flow (dhara) over the head (Sira). Hence it is one of the vital therapies in Ayurvedic medicine. The formulated oil, buttermilk and the herbal juice is made to flow constantly over the forehead with mild massage on the scalp. This process stimulates the pineal gland present in the brain that is responsible for production of serotonin and melatonin. This hormone controls the emotional activity and augments sleep. It will take 30-45 minutes to complete the massage and has to be done for 7-21 days. It is very helpful for persons with nerve disorders, severe dejection, sleeplessness, deprived memory and anxiety. It also treats headache, problems associated with ear, nose and throat problems and in overall it relaxes the mind.


This type of therapy is useful for persons who suffers from paralysis of the face, eye sight problems, hearing difficulties, insomnia, psychological problems due to stress related factors, and nerves diseases affecting the brain. The therapy involves fixing leather cap around the head which contains the medicated oil and left for about 30-45minutes.


Those people who suffer from chronic sinusitis, congestion in the nose, problems in the teeth, ear and eye difficulties, paralysis of face, migraine and cervical disintegration can go for this Ayurvedic therapy.  Specially prepared oil, herbal juice and other formulation are put to the nostrils and face is stimulated by shielding the eyes from the heat. This eliminates the blocks present in the nasal sinuses and activates the hormones present in the brain and improves the function of the eyes, ears and nose and also strengthens the muscles in the neck region and provokes sleep. This massage takes about 30-45 minutes to finish.


It is a common massage done to the whole body with the formulated oils that aims in eradicating the toxic substances, fluid retention and also relieves pain. It usually takes about 35-60 minutes to finish this massage and has to be done for 7-21 days. It mainly rejuvenates the entire body and develops circulation, revives cell and provokes sleep. It is very useful for medical problems such as rheumatitis, rigidness of the body, spinal problems such as spondylosis, spondylitis, injury due to sports and stiff shoulders.


The specially formulated herbal oil is applied in the ear canal which treats the infection and also makes clear perception of sound.

Greeva Vasti/ Kati Vasti/Uro Vasti:

Warm oil is withhold around spill proof boundary which contains green gram powder on the areas of upper back region, lower back area (kati vasti) and in the center part of the chest (uro vasti) and is found useful for pain that originates in the different parts of the body. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the therapy.

Netra Sekam:

This therapy is useful for persons with eye problems. The eyes are cleansed with medicinal herbs or milk that is specially formulated as it significantly reduces the infection of the eye and also the dryness of the eye. The time taken to complete this therapy is 30minutes.


If your body is pressurized too much and gets overheated this massage will help to relieve from the same and promotes good sleep and cooling of the body. Herbal paste is made and mixed either with water or oil or the extracts from the herbal plants. This paste is applied on the bregma and lamda in the head region. The medicinal paste brings out positive effects on the brain and makes you feel relaxed. It takes about 30 minutes.


Specially made herbal paste is applied to cure inflammation in the joints as it soothes the pain, enlargement, redness and heat.

Foot massage:

It is a regular massage given and is a part of lifestyle habit. The pressure points on the foot are massaged and it activates the internal organs and mind.

Hence this form of therapies offered in Ayurveda which is traditional is popular across the globe because of its legitimacy and unadulterated herbal formulations. The birth place of this treatment or massage is Kerala and it is offered in various other places too. It is a unique, legitimate and medicinal way to heal the medical concerns with mild or no side effects.