seizure Management

Seizure Management

Seizures are indicators for a probable brain problem and it happens due to abnormal and sudden electrical activities happening in the brain. In majority of the cases, people relate this problem with convulsion wherein the affected person’s body experiences rapid shake. However, not all types of seizures cause such convulsions. None the less, these are critical instances and hence, demands adequate solutions.

What are the probable factors that trigger seizures?

The probable causes of seizures are listed as follows:

  • The level of glucose and sodium in the blood gets to an abnormal level.
  • Infection in the brain, including meningitis
  • Injury to the brain that occurs during labor, childbirth or injuries incurred during the childhood days
  • Congenital brain defects are among the major causes of this ailment. It includes those problems to the brain that occurs before the birth of the baby.
  • In the rarest instances, brain tumor can trigger these troubles as well.
  • Electric shock and Substance abuse are other factors that can trigger seizure.
  • In children, Epilepsy is the most common reason beyond the occurrence of this ailment. Epilepsy in children can enhance the chances of catching this ailment many times.

Common medications to fight Seizure

In the majority of the cases, adequate medication can enable the sufferer to overcome this ailment. The advancement of health science has fetched several effective seizure medications that can generate a root- cause and permanent solution to this trouble. The most common medications to treat seizures include:

  • Briviact: this medication got the approval as a medicine to treat seizures in 2016. Hence, you can say that this is most advanced medications to treat this ailment. This medication can be used in combination with other medicines for treating seizures during its initial phases. However, this medication should never ever be applied to a patient, under 16 years of age. Hence, if you are looking for epilepsy medical treatment, this will not be an ideal choice.
  • Carbamazepine: one of the most common medicine for treating seizures, this is a truly effective choice to fight against this ailment. This medicine ideally suits the treatment of general and mixed seizers.
  • Eslicarbazepine: Normally this drug is prescribed alone or combining it with other medicines that are meant to treat seizures.

But these medicines are strictly followed only under the prescription of a physician else lead to many other health problems.

What can be effective precautions for Seizure?

In the majority of the cases, seizures arise due to sudden shock and injury causes to the brain. Hence, to suggest seizure precautions it will be wise to say that you need to safeguard yourself from such instances. Pregnant women should take adequate care of themselves as congenital injuries are one of the major factors beyond this ailment. Stay safe and escape the threats of this ailment.

Seizures can trigger devastating outcome and hence, you need to take adequate care to nullify the threats of this ailment. Fortunately, following the suggestion of the physician and taking adequate medications, you can completely win over this problem. Hence, the moment you experience the symptoms of seizures, you should approach the doctor on an immediate basis.