addiction for cigarettes

Overcoming Addiction to Cigarettes

In light of the ‘No Smoking Day’ fast approaching all of us, let us look into one of the social challenges – addiction to cigarettes. Here, it is essential to note that it is not addiction to ‘smoking’ but addiction to ‘cigarettes’. Smoking is an activity that endangers life, indeed. But it is so when the consumption of tobacco goes out of hand. Most often, the addiction begins with the thought ‘Just one cigarette is not going to hurt’. Then it becomes ‘2 or 3 a day is not a big deal’ and continues to the point where the count of the cigarettes the hand has held is lost. This blog focuses on some tips one can follow to get out of over-dependency on cigarettes.

Lot of smoking addiction treatments, rehabilitation therapy and other programs exist. The question is do they really work? Some are able to come out of cigarette addiction. Some do not. The difference is, the individuals out of this addiction have the will to come out of the enslavement. This leads us to the first tip – having the willingness to get out of the addiction. It could be a fear of health or a loved one that has initiated this willingness. Whatever the reason, if you the will is self-initiated it is strong. Strong will and determination is the first step outwards the addiction.

Lung cancer treatment  options are available with a certain extent of ease. That does not mean we have to wait till we contract lung cancer. Which is the point of the second tip. Being aware. Of consequences of the addiction. Of the count of cigarettes that perish in the hand along with our health. There has been a lot of noise on the effects of holding cigarettes – too many for too long. Which it makes it harder for us to realise. Even though it is the truth, too much noise has distorted the message. That distortion should not distort life.

No Smoking Day in India has a number of campaigns, protests, rallies or awareness programs running. So does the world. This day is like the diet that will never happen. Which is the third tip. One day has been designated for the spread of awareness and to mark the importance against the addiction. Getting out of the same is not as easy as that. It is neither a one-day job nor a one-man army’s work. Get the help of people around and have realistic yet small goals every single day. There is no shortcut or immediate action that will make the hands stop holding cigarettes .

For those who are a slightly above in the ladder out of addiction, alternatives seem to be one of the methods while climbing out of the deadly habit. Which is the last tip of this blog. Alternatives to cigarettes are available in plenty. These are touted to be quite effective against cigarettes. Which is pretty true. They are quite effective in brining cancer as well. Yes, these alternatives either create new dependencies or addiction or are dangerous enough to lead to cancer by themselves. If it is too good to be true, it is definitely not the truth. Creating new dependencies to get out of existing dependencies is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

The tips in this blog are very generic and subject to individual opinion. It all depends on the perspective you view it in. As far as the addiction to cigarettes are concerned, it is subject to individual willingness. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of noise distorting the reality surrounding the cigarette hand-holding. Let this not defeat the will and desire of transcending to better health and safety.