health benefits of oranges

The eye-pleasing colour and sweet-smelling fruit of orange is widely favoured for the flavour. It is also popular for its health benefits – not only in the fruit form but other parts of the plants as well. The vitamins in orange have many uses and positives for our health overall. Mostly known for the Vitamin C, the orange can be consumed in many ways. The fleshy parts can be taken as is or squeezed to form juice. Orange juice nutrition is good for our body metabolism which is facilitated by the naturally occurring, vitamins, enzymes and sugars.  There are some delicacies that involve tiny bits of the hard peel, called the zest. The zest from the orange peel also has its own benefits. Such a fruit with diverse benefits, should not be hidden in baskets or bowls. Let’s unravel the glory of the orange fruit.

  •  Vitamin C – Vitamin C is needed for a wide range of functions. Some of them include maintaining our immune system, repair of cell tissues and wound healing.  One of the fruits rich in Vitamin C is the orange. It is loaded with the vitamin that; more than 100% intake of Vitamin C is acquired through consuming one large orange.
  • Immunity – Oranges have the ability to neutralize free radicals causing cancer. Oranges also provide protection from viral infections. Some studies conducted in Japan have also shown that oranges can reduce liver cancer. Drinking orange juice regularly can lower the incidence of kidney stones  and prevent kidney-related diseases.
  • Skin – Those of us desiring glowing, smooth skin need to make use of oranges. Yes, the beautiful colour of oranges not only looks visually appealing. They keep our skin free from cell damage. The anti-aging benefit combined with the advantage of soft and shiny skin makes it one of the best supplements for skin and hair.
  • Blood pressure – Flavonoids in oranges regulate high blood pressure, making it good choice for individuals facing hypertension. Magnesium found these fruits help maintain blood pressure levels, thereby not leading to fall or rise in the levels. 
  • Weight loss - Oranges are good source of dietary fibres. They also speed up our metabolism. This aids in better weight management. Apart from bringing down excess visible fat in or body, oranges also maintain our cholesterol levels. This puts us in a better place in terms of overall health.
  • Constipation - As mentioned earlier, oranges are good source of dietary fibres, needed for easier discharge of wastes and toxins from our body. The fibrous content in the fruit prompts the release of digestive juices which provides relief from constipation.
  • Aromatherapy – The benefits mentioned above can be received from direct consumption of the fruit or the juice. Sweet orange essential oil is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of the fruit. This essential oil has been proven to give great results in aroma therapy. Few drops of the oil combined with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil moisturises our skin and improves hair growth . A small sniff of the sweet fragrance itself is believed to be mood enhancing and helps in reducing anxiety or stress.

The small tree or shrub-like plant of the orange is definitely a gift of nature. Include the fruit or juice in some form in your diet to receive these benefits. The seeds of the fruit can also be planted to not only harvest your own oranges but also make the planet a better place. Global warming and cutting of trees are making our lives harder and harder as it increases. Let’s gain the twin benefits of the orange as well as planting a tree in our home.