cancer treatment in india

Why do you need to choose cancer treatment in India?

Cancer patients in India need not be worried about the quality, cost and technologies used in India anymore.Now in India, we have the cancer treatment facilities just as any other parts of the world. Anything that can be done in other parts of the world can be done here also. And today India is considered as one of the primary places for cancer treatment. Here are some key factors which make India a better destination for cancer treatments.

  • India’s skilled surgeons and several top hospitals offer the same cancer treatment given in other parts of the world.
  • Many Indian hospitals have finest surgeons and oncologists who provide superior treatment and surgery with the latest equipments at an affordable rate.
  • Cancer treatments in foreign countries are ten times expensive when compared to India where we provide the same quality service.
  • Being with family at their homeland help the patients to be mentally strong whichisan important part of cancer treatment.
  • Today India provides treatment to many foreigners, including patients from western countries. This is a proof that Indian health care provides, world class standards in the treatments.

Cancer hospitals in India

Today, India has numerous renowned hospitals that offer superior cancer treatments and they are,

  • Tata memorial hospital, Mumbai.
  • All India Institute of medical sciences, Delhi.
  • The Adyar cancer institute, Chennai.
  • Apollo Specialty hospital, Chennai.
  • The Gujarat Cancer and research institute, Ahmadabad.
  • Rajiv Gandhi cancer institute and research centre, Delhi.
  • Kidwai memorial institute of oncology, Bangalore.
  • Regional cancer centre, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • HCG, Bangalore.
  • Post-graduation institute of Medical education and research, Chandigarh.

Symptoms of cancer

Cancer is one of the dreadful diseases which is a challenge to the medical field. The signs of cancer depend on affected parts of the body, the size and how much worse the condition is. These are the common signs of cancer,

  • Weight loss.There will be weight loss without any reason. It usually occurs in pancreatic, stomach or lung cancers.
  • Cancer patients will have fever at some point when it has metastasized to the organs and it is an early sign in case of leukemia or lymphoma.
  • Extreme tiredness may be a symptom of colon or stomach cancer.
  • Pain in case of bone, testicular or brain tumor.
  • Changes in the skin such as hyperpigmentation, yellowish skin, erythema, itching and excessing hair growth.
  • A sore that does not heal is a sign of skin and oral cancer (in the mouth).
  • White patches or spots inside the tongue – Oral cancer
  • Bleeding or fluid discharge
  • Mass or lump in the breast or other parts of the body
  • Difficulty in swallowing food or having indigestion – Cancer of esophagus, stomach or pharynx
  • Changes in the skin or in the mole or wart – melanoma
  • A persistent cough that does not heal is a sign of lung cancer and roughness in the voice is a sign of malignancy of larynx.

Chemotherapy and its cost in India

Any kind of treatment that uses chemical drugs to inhibit the growth of cancer cells is called as Chemotherapy. It is considered as systemic treatment as it eliminates the growth of tumor cells from the origin and hence it is very effective. About more than half the percentage of people who has cancer undergoes chemotherapy as it enhances their quality of life. As many of them are scared about its side effects the technology has improved and the oncologist manages it very well.

The chemotherapy regimen includes proper planning. The oncologist decides the treatment, drugs to be used and the duration (cycles required) based on the type of tumor and the organ affected. The drugs are given either through intravenously or as a pill.

The cost of chemotherapy in India depends on several factors such as drugs used, frequency and duration. It also depends on the hospital that is been chosen for the treatment. The approximate cost will range starting from Rs. 25,000/- to 150,000/- based on the above-mentioned factors. The cost is more affordable when compared to hospitals in other countries and the success rate is also higher. The best side of Indian medical field is better and quality service at an affordable price.