ways to reduce high blood pressure

Blood Pressure

Four Easy Natural Ways to Tackle High Blood Pressure

The health condition where your blood pressure reads above 140/90 mmHg are regarded as hypertension or high blood pressure in medical terms. Even though this term has become a household name, prolonged condition of the same may end up in several serious health issues which may even include stroke, heart disease etc.

Before ending up with these serious health conditions keep yourself informed about the various hyper blood pressure symptoms and treatments to prevent the seriousness of this issue.

Here we suggest a few of the most efficient natural ways to control high blood pressure with simple tips that requires the least effort from your side.

Bananas for Rescue:

Everyone will be aware of the fact that, taking too much of salt (Sodium) can augment the level of blood pressure. But many are not aware that potassium is capable of sidelining the ill effects of sodium.

When people with high blood pressure include potassium in their daily diets, there are greater chances of reduction in the amount of sodium affecting your pressure levels. It is advised to take at least 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day and this is easily achieved by taking banana which is a greater source of potassium.

Other few edibles which are the powerhouse of this mineral are orange juice (496 milligrams per cup), low-fat yogurt (531-579 milligrams per ounces) and a baked potato with skin (738 milligrams).

Reduce Salt Intake:

The reduction in the intake of salts through foods plays a significant role in maintaining constant pressure levels. People with normal blood pressure, moderately high blood pressure and high blood pressure are advised to limit their salt level to less than 1,500 milligrams (600 milligrams of sodium) per day.

This mineral is present in the processed foods available readymade at stores and people with pressure conditions should avoid taking such food items in order to minimize the complications of hypertension.

Skip Caffeine

We would have read or heard a lot about few of the health benefits of coffee but when it comes to reducing blood pressure, coffee can become a potential threat even for people without pressure conditions.

Coffee seeds which contain caffeine are capable of producing spikes in the blood of the deceased. So it is advisable that people diagnosed having high blood pressure should consider moderating their caffeine intake to maximum two cups per day.

Crave for some Dark Chocolate

According to a study conducted, people eating half an ounce of dark chocolate daily which contains 70% cocoa, showed a gradual decrease in their higher levels of blood pressure.

This is because certain dark chocolate varieties contain flavanols which help in making the blood vessels more elastic and thus reduce blood pressure

Simply follow these natural ways to reduce the high blood pressure levels. Adopt a healthy lifestyle such as meditation, going for a power walk, indulging in exercises etc. to keep yourself away from any kind of health conditions.