Medical Travel in India

It is easy to have the regular tour planned well in advance and made their travel a memorable one. But, what about the medical tourists who have to arrange everything in a very less span based on their medical emergencies? Everything should happen in a short span in order to get the medical help at the appropriate time.

There are various steps are involved in your medical tour. Finding the suitable hospital, finding the specialist and their availability, getting the paperwork done, ticket bookings, accommodation, appointments at the hospital, undergoing the treatment, recover and return to your origin country.

Every step involved in your medical tour takes time and pulling off everything within the time is not a cakewalk! Especially, the medical documentation will take significant time as the destination country needs to approve the medical tour visa. Each country follows a different set of rules and regulation to issue a visa. 

Medical documentation takes time but it does not take as much time as the regular tour visas, thanks to the understanding of the countries those follow a speedy medical visa issuance. If you are visiting countries like India, there are various medical tourism agencies that take care of all your medical documentation starting from providing assistance in medical visa approval to booking return flight tickets.

Medical agencies play a significant role in connecting the medical tourists with the suitable hospitals. As a person from different origins, the whole process involved in medical documentation appears alien. Fear not! The medical agencies take care of all your needs. However, it will come in handy for you if you have an idea on the whole process. Continue reading the blog to know more about it.

  1. Applying for Medical Visa
  • Once you identify the suitable hospital, based on your medical history, treatment requirement and its timeliness, the hospital will issue the invitation letter.
  • Using the invite letter issued by the hospital, the individual can apply for the medical visa at the local Indian Embassy.
  • The authorities may verify the intactness of the documents and the local address proofs before issuing the medical visa.
  1. Ticket Booking
  • Once the visa is issued, the tickets are booked either single-route or for the return journey as well.
  • It is advisable to take help from the hospital authorities or from the medical tourism agencies to book the return journey tickets if you are not sure about the time involved for the treatment or for the recovery period.
  • You may want to apply for the ‘Fly to Fly’ certificate from the airline as it is necessary for the medical tourists.
  1. Verifying All the Documents
  • Ensure all the documents including the Passport, visa, travel tickets and other certificates such as hospital invitation and fly to fly certificates are together.
  • Check the dates on each of these documents and duly check if your passport is valid before applying for the medical visa.
  • Be cautious while filling the forms as small mistakes may hold up the whole process that you don’t want to happen especially when the times is the deciding factor. 

For the medical tourists who are visiting India for the first time, the reliable tourism agencies assist thoroughly in every step. Take their help from these agencies post checking their reliability, services they are offering and their experience in medical tourism.

Medical tourism in India  is on a swing, thanks to the advanced medical facilities, specialist doctors and affordable medical treatment. Medical tourism is on a verge of becoming an industry that is registering double-digit progress. Witnessing the growth, the world is looking at India. In order to ensure the progress is steeping steadily, the complexities involved in Indian medical tourism the government authorities should simplify the medical documentation policies.