cardiac surgery inside the womb

The baby – a fetus of twenty seven weeks – was diagnosed within the pre-natal stage with a ninety nine per cent block of the semi lunar valve thatpermits redefined blood into the biggest artery. Because to the block, a ensuing leak within the atrio ventricular valve (which permits unidirectional flow of impure blood into the left ventricle) allowed the pure blood to combine with the impure blood within the atrium of the heart which led to shrinking of the left aspect of theguts. If the problem was not corrected, the baby might not have survived within the female internal reproductive organ, or would are born with the defect to guide associate degree unsure, short life packed with complications.

A team of eight Cardiac specialists led the rare surgery came about on October 23 – with success completed the surgery that took 150 minutes. The specialists were assisted by twenty two assistants, including the quality of procedures that concerned medicine, gynecology , obstetrics and medical specialty fields of drugs and so the extremely difficult procedure completed with success as a result of the mother, a teacher, simply understood the science and also the drawback, in keeping with the doctors.

Within the twenty seventh weeks, the team got specialists to alter the position of the baby within the female internal reproductive organ therefore on enable the Cardiac specialists to conduct the procedure. They used a special-sized balloon with a special eighteen gauge needle to baby’s thigh. The needle was inserted through the wall of the mother female internal reproductive organ. The procedure was with success completed, however still solely sixty per cent of the work has been done, with the remainder forty per cent to be completed once the baby is born in December third week.

This baby are going to be born healthy and can be traditional once the remaining a part of the correction is done, such surgeries are performed in the United and also the USA however this can be the primary time such an operation has been conducted in India.

Parents preferred termination of pregnancy in almost all such cases, in cases if the problem is not diagnosed, the babies might born dead or die soon after. Now we will say we have got overcome an additional health challenge.

A young mother of twenty five said, “The drawback was diagnosed throughout an everyday pre-natal check at another centre. We are now very happy, waiting for the delivery.”