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5 Excellent Foods for Healthy Hair

Everyone wants a healthy and long hair. People believe it is a beauty factor that certainly increases your confidence in many ways. Hair tends to fall daily and it is part of hair-strands' life cycle. However, excessive hair fall is the major issue that many individuals face.

There are many reasons for hair fall. The most common reasons being consuming the food that lacks the necessary nutrients, medication and heredity. Even though the heredity reason could not be addressed medically, the other triggering factors could be avoided with the help of medications, a healthy diet and physical activities.

The hair grows 1.25cm per month on an average and hair tend to fall but not excessively. When the hair is falling excessively and the growth is below the average numbers, it should be considered as a hair fall issues. Early detection and prevention are the keys to reduce the hair fall and simultaneously prevent it.

Apart from the doctors' medications, a balanced diet that is rich with the essential nutrients for hair growth and hair fall prevention. Here is a list of few foods that could help you in preventing hair fall.


  • Eggs are the rich sources of protein and other essential nutrients. Our hair needs healthy amounts of biotin and eggs to take care of this need.
  • Hair follicles are made of protein and taking at least 1 egg per day provides the body with sufficient protein and biotin.
  • Apart from the protein content, eggs are also the provider of minerals such as zinc, calcium and iron that strengthens the hair-strands.
  • Deficiency of protein and biotin has been linked to hair loss and consuming eggs on a daily basis will prevent hair-related issues.

2. Fatty Fish

  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids promote hair growth and increase the density of hair-strands on the scalp.
  • Fatty fish such as salmon should be consumed every day as it is an excellent source for Omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Fatty fishes are also great sources of vitamin B and D, protein and selenium that help the hair become stronger.


  • The antioxidants that are present in the avocados neutralize the free radicals helping to relieve from the oxidative stress. This, in turn, helps in preventing the hair fall.
  • The delicious fruits are full of vitamins such as C and E that are proven to promote the hair health.
  • Especially, vitamin E protects the scalp surface from the oxidative stress that otherwise could damage the base of hair-strands.
  • Avocados are great sources of vitamins and fatty acids that improve not just the hair growth but also improve the overall health.

4. Spinach

  • Spinach is full of goodness and suits to almost all with various health conditions. This is the reason why it is recommended by all dietitians.
  • The beneficial nutrients such as vitamins A and C, iron and folate are the essential nutrients for hair regrowth and density.
  • The iron present in the spinach helps the blood to carry sufficient oxygen to the scalp and hair while improving hair growth.

5. Nuts

  • Nuts could serve as a great snack and consuming a fistful of them on every day will help the hair to be and grow healthy.
  • Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are a low-caloried snack and contain protein, vitamin B, iron and zinc.
  • The essential fatty acids also add up to the reason why you should consume nuts for better hair growth.

Also, all types of seeds, sweet peppers, berries, oysters, beans, soybeans and meat will make the best diet for hair growth. A healthy and dense hair always boosts the confidence. Make sure you take all diet to avoid the health issues related to hair.