winter skin care tips

It is high time for everyone to gear up for winter before the cold weather causes you any trouble. As you embrace the season of chillness, it is your skin that feels the cold first and if you fail to protect it prior hand, you may have to face dryness, itchiness, red and irritated skin.

Even though the season makes you feel like there is no escape, you can protect your skin during winter and escape from the havoc by practicing these additional winter skin care tips that keep you warm. Try these tips to reduce chapping, redness and keep your skin healthy like never before.

  • Use Only Lukewarm Water - The hot showers and baths not only make you feel like not stepping out of the shower but also keep your skin healthy by washing off the oils and sweat. Try to have the bath 2 times a day and ensure that the water is not too warm.
  • Keep Your Skin Moisture - The outside weather always tries to steal the moisture from your skin while making it dry. It is important to keep the skin moisturized with selected moisturizing creams. Especially, apply the lotion right after washing hands and after a bath.
  • Drink Water - You may not feel like drinking water during the winter season but it is water that keeps your skin healthy. So, ensure you take an extra glass of water than your regular count during this season.
  • Stay Away from Makeup - Try to keep yourself away from your makeup table as makeup can be considered as the additional burden for the skin for not only it takes much time remove the makeup but also the creams behave as stubborn oils to remove. Especially, if your makeup kit contains petroleum based jellies, it would be an additional problem for you as these jellies work to further dry up the skin.
  • Be Careful while Choosing the Moisturizer - Choose the formula that is more natural and has the ingredients that keep your skin moisturized. Oil-based moisturizers are advisable than the water-based as the oil-based solution is more likely to preserve the moisture in your skin.
  • Natural Face Masks - Try face masks with fruits and milk that not only provide the necessary nutrients to the skin in natural ways but also help you achieve the goal of protecting your skin from drying up.
  • Overnight Moisturizing - It is common to apply moisturizer as you go out. But it also important to apply the cream during the night as your hands and legs tend to get dried up at that time of the day. Apply the cream on limbs and cover them fully before you go to sleep so that you could avoid skin damage on limbs and protect face from cold.
  • Choose Your Cleanser Wisely - If you are using a cleanser that contains glycolic or salicylic acid, go for a cleanser that is more hydrating and has more ingredients that keep your skin moisturized.

Winter, indeed, a tough season to protect your skin in many ways. Following these simple yet effective tips will not only help you in getting through this season but also enhance the health of your skin.