cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery in India has become very common especially in the past 10 years. Who doesn’t want to look good, isn’t it? There are a lot of reasons why cosmetic surgery procedures have become so popular in the country, and some of them include

Quick access

Information about every cosmetic procedure from reconstructive plastic surgery to facelift, is available on your fingertips. Any feature of the body can be enhanced and surgeons are even available online to answer your queries instantly. So you don’t need to spend time making appointments or going out for consultations. You get to design your personal consultation in the comfort of your home. And there are lots of information strewn across digital media about various treatments, outcomes and possible side-effects and also testimonials from other patients.

Advanced procedures

Today medical technology has advanced so much that the cosmetic procedures have become less invasive and less painful. The incisions are smaller which results in quicker recovery and most of them can be performed under local anesthesia. The best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India employ advanced techniques that minimize the post-op pain. And the results are also far more fetching than they used to be a decade back. Patients have reported very satisfying results after reconstructive plastic surgery in India.

Lower costs

Cosmetic procedures today don’t come with a hefty price tag like they used to. Plastic surgery has become popular even in the middle income strata. Minor procedures like liposuction and facelift treatment in India have become very affordable.

Social Acceptance

There was a time when women were not comfortable going to beauty parlors due to fear of being taunted. But that has changed and women have opened up to idea of enhancing their looks. Media and entertainment business has played a very vital role in changing the mindset of the society. Advertisements about cosmetic procedures and celebrities sporting stunning looks and appearing young have transformed the perception about plastic surgery. This social acceptance has encouraged more and more people to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic surgery has become a very common and affordable practice in India and many beauty seekers from other countries opt India for their beauty treatments. When you have so much access to information, doctors and hospitals and can afford it why wouldn’t people consider it? The lower risks, minimal side-effects and affordable price have made Indian cosmetic surgery a very popular process.