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9 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Chronic Disease Management

Inflammation is a protective mechanism that gets activated when the body recognizes a foreign organism such as bacteria and invading microbes of various disorders. The inflammation caused by the immune system is to eliminate the foreign bodies and to protect your own health.

However, in a few cases, the inflammation persists even after eliminating the invading organisms. Continued inflammation may result in chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's and cancer have been linked with prolonged inflammation.

Reduced inflammation results in reducing the impacts of many chronic conditions and the remedy is for inflammation is not in medications but in the food that we eat. As foods that we eat plays a major role in reducing inflammation, here are a few anti-inflammatory foods that help you in chronic disease management. 

1.Olive Oil

Ibuprofen is the drug used to treat pain and inflammation. Olive oil, especially the extra-virgin olive oil contains the same enzyme that are found in the ibuprofen. Replace the regular sunflower and groundnut oil with olive oil to reduce the effects of inflammation at a great level.  


The presence of quercetin, an antioxidant that functions as an anti-inflammatory agent, reduces the inflammation. Reducing inflammation is one of the many health benefits of apple.


Pineapple is one of the best sources of anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the excessive presence of bromelain which is a protein-digestive enzyme. Pineapple is proven to be effective for knee pain and is one of the most recommended fruits by doctors for the people with rheumatoid arthritis and knee osteoarthritis  as it has medicinal properties that reduce swelling and inflammation.


Plant pigments such as carotenoids are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory properties. Include all the green and leafy greens and orange vegetables in your diet to reduce the effects of inflammation in a natural way. 

5.Brown Rice

The rich amounts of magnesium and other typical properties of whole grains which help in healthy blood circulation and expanding the blood vessels. This relaxes the muscles and the nerves, indirectly helping the body in alleviating the inflammation. Prefer brown rice over the regular rice to help your body in fighting against chronic inflammation.

6.Nuts and Seeds

Foods with high levels of amino acid tryptophan are proven to be effective in lowering the sensitivity of pain. Grab a fistful of hazelnuts, walnuts and sesame seeds every day to reduce the pain at a great level.

7.Dark Chocolate

Many researches conducted on the impact of dark chocolates on the body have proven that it has a unique quality of reducing the inflammation levels, thanks to the anti-inflammatory chemicals that are available in dark chocolate. Consume a chocolate per day after consulting your doctor.

8.Grapes and Oranges

The enzyme resveratrol is an anti-inflammatory property and it is available in grapes. And, fruits such as oranges, apricots and nectarines that are in orange color shows a great impact on arthritis induced by inflammation. Just a serving or two per day of these fruits could make you feel the difference.

9.Onions and Garlic

The sufficient amounts of sulfur and anti-inflammatory properties available in onions and garlic show an excellent impact on the inflammation. Even though they are used in almost all typical India culinary creations, try to consume them in the raw form every now and then to keep the chemical properties of these herbs in their best form.

In addition, broccoli, green tea, fish, soy protein and berries are few other foods which have Anti-inflammatory properties that show as much impact as the drugs for arthritis treatment. Make sure they are part of your regular diet and treat inflammation in natural methods.