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A popular workout among all ages is Aerobics. It is a physical exercise where one can groove to rhythmic music beats led by a trained instructor. It was found in the year of 1968  by Kenneth H Cooper, an exercise physiologist and Col. Pauline Potts, a physical therapist. Both of them belonged to the United States Air Force. It composed of various exercise programs like running, walking, swimming and bicycling. And later on as it spread to numerous places, it's scope and range grew.


Over the years, the changing cultures and modernization have granted variety to this drill. Eventually, this conditioning happened devoid of music. Later, the aspect of music were imbibed to motivate the participators and give them a fresh perspective to the traditional exercise. Aerobics is a type of routine which could be done in one's own living space. It is a trending home cardio exercise which come along with a number of health perks.


Aerobics presents a pathway to express oneself through this form of exercise. Sometimes, it is a great method to vent out the frustrations and tensions of the day. The purpose and meaning of these kind of routines will vary from person to person. Some individuals follow it as a part of medical treatment  or for to maintaining good health. These exercises can be modified for various pains with focus on specific regions. It could be emphasized as lower back pain exercises as it can alleviate the pain experienced in the lower spine.


In metropolitan cities, especially the working class, we can come across many men and women who go for these classes as they find it satisfying and healthy for the body. As it's a group activity, it render the positives of interacting with individuals. It creates a feeling of belongingness and brings on qualities such as coordination, teamwork, trust and cooperation.


 The start of every exercise may take a toll on the body. But for one to reap the goodness, persistence is the virtue. The health benefits of aerobic exercises are diverse. As the body produces sweat, it increases the good cholesterol in the body. There would be a good blood flow which helps the organs to function better much efficiently than when not exercising. It keeps a check on the blood sugar level and blood pressure  by lowering both.


When observing an aerobic session, one can see happy faces. Aerobics is a mood uplifter. It has a definite effect on the 'feel-good' hormones. The endorphins and serotonin levels in the body rise to make the individuals feel content and joyful. Generally, after the session, once the person gets into the normal heartbeat rate, they feel calm and relaxed. The thoughts become more organized and they possess a new found energy which enables them to do more tasks without feeling weary or tired.


Everyone likes to create their own personal touch. The space for customization enables this workout to be designed for any age. The kids, young adults, middle-aged women and seniors all can embrace the wholeness of aerobics forgetting their age. Aerobics alone cannot be considered as a holistic exercise. Coupled with some other workouts such as yoga it could be considered as a holistic drill. The easy accessibility and affordability makes it a potential endeavor for a larger population.