Heart disease

It would be an understatement to say that medical science has prolonged our life expectancy. In fact, in a short span human life span has increased from 65 years to 78 years. But unfortunately, most of the seniors suffer from several heart ailments. The risk of heart attack is not confined only to the elders, but shockingly young men and women in their 30s also have been reported to have had heart attacks.

Heart treatment in India is widespread and advanced backed by the efficient consultants and surgeons. In fact, the popularity of Indian coronary heart disease treatments attract massive number of foreign patients, every year. From treating minor heart valve problems to conducting major heart surgeries, India has made it to the list of top medical tourism destinations for heart problems.

Obesity, high BP, tension and stress are some of the causes of heart diseases. Given the high prevalence of heart diseases among professionals it is imperative to be familiar with the symptoms of heart disease. Since we know that prevention is better than cure, here is a look at some effective home remedies to maintain a healthy and happy heart –

  1. Prevent clogging of the arteries – We know that deposition of excess fat along the arteries lead to heart diseases especially heart attack. Hence replacing high cholesterol food items or limiting their portion in the diet will help keep your heart strong and healthy.
  2. Stay emotionally stable and stress-free – Often time our unhealthy mental state manifests into physical ailments especially in the heart. Therefore the need for a happy and healthy mind cannot be stressed enough. Watching positive programs that tickle the funny bone or meditating and practicing yoga can go a long way in helping stay relaxed and positive.
  3. Get Good Sleep – Most of the repair and rejuvenation in our body happens when we are in deep sleep. Having sufficient amount of sleep will help in preventing stress and irritability. Furthermore, it has been reported that lack of sleep causes calcium build-up in the arteries which again, impairs the normal functioning of the heart.
  4. Make connections – People who often socialise with friends and family stay immune to problems of the heart. This is because frequent socialising releases happy hormones and keeps the blood pressure under control.
  5. Have fun in the sun – Sun rays have vitamin D. We know that Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption which keeps the bones sturdy and strong. But present researches prove that Vitamin D also prevents heart diseases.
  6. Limit your alcohol in-take – Wine is rich in anti-oxidants which is good for your body. But excess amount of alcohol can increase blood pressure and also lead to obesity. These increase the risk of heart diseases.
  7. Have fun under the sheets – Physical intimacy is often overlooked. But similar to working out, getting physically intimate helps in releasing endorphins and other important hormones in the body thereby keeping you happy, lowering BP and getting rid of stress.

All these simple yet important tips can help you live with a healthy and happy heart.